If you want to make the most of your booking, follow these...

Photoshoot Tips & How to Prepare


The most important part of the experience. I start with a pre-shoot consultation where we get on the same page regarding…

  • Theme/Concept: Creatively what would you like the images to look like?  Do you have a favorite movie, song, painting or idea?  Inspiration can come from anywhere.  Browse your favorite social media accounts and magazines.  Or leave it up to me.
  • Audience: Who is the image for?  Just for you to document your achievement? Branding for a website or sponsor?  Submitting for publication?
  • Goals:  Simply, what do you want people to say or feel when they view your images?


It is amazing how many times someone will come in wearing flowered underwear and not realize it is a problem until they go to put on their WHITE PANTS! Or come in wearing a white bra and put on a black sleeveless shirt. Please bring appropriate foundation wear for each outfit. Flesh colored is the best you can hope for. Also, if you need a strapless, bring one. Tucking the straps down usually shows and looks bad. With today’s thin fabrics, you might want to carefully select these pieces so they do not give unsightly lines.


If you want to look your best on shoot day…drink WATER, WATER, WATER and more WATER the 48 hours before to flush the system and hydrate the skin. Avoid the party the night before and stay away from alcohol, smoking or anything else that will dry you out and keep you from looking your absolute best. We retouch blemishes; so don’t worry about minor breakouts.

Michelle Phan has a great video where she discusses her “7 Daya to Your Photo Shoot” regimen.


Let’s face it, we are at the mercy of mother nature. If it rains heavily, no fretting will do anything about it, we simply have to reschedule. Don’t worry about clouds, they actually help.  If it is a morning session, we will take your phone number home with us and call you if we need to cancel due to weather, otherwise we are on.


Nails are noticeable in photographs. If they have their paint chipped off, viewer’s eyes will be drawn to it. Many casual shots are done barefoot; so don’t forget about your toes too. Avoid real bright colors. Natural or french manicure work best. We don’t want to draw attention to your neon orange toe nails. And they may look really bad with your next outfit.

Next, make sure you are clean-shaven and/or waxed.  If you have not shaved in a while do a pre-shave a few days before the shoot so that skin irritation has time to heal.  I am a big fan of European Wax.  If you go to one of the East Bay California locations tell the owner Shawnee that David Art sent you.

Day of Shoot

After a good night’s rest, it is time to go on set.  You do not want to show up late or unready as you will have less time for your session. This could result in less looks and images to choose from.  My team are all professionals in their field and adhere to a tight schedule to ensure that we have the right hair styling, make-up and/0r wardrobe for the theme and subject.

Photographic lights are like X-rays.  They penetrate clothing and reveal patterns and colors under your outer clothing.  So be conscious of how all layers will look and contribute to your outfit. I will have a changing tent for you to change in.  Bring your wrinkle free clothing on hangers or neatly folded and packed.

Bring sneakers or hikers for walking to and from the shoot location.  We may have to cross rocks, streams, fields or climb hills to get to the location.  Heels, sandals and bare feet will make the voyage dangerous and time consuming.

Lastly trust the process.  I work with professional agency models to soldiers looking for a special Valentine’s gift.  It is my job to make the session a success.  I will help you pose and relax so that we capture you at your most beautiful.  All you have to do is enjoy the experience.

– d’A